Custom Trailer Delivered from Colorado

On October 20th, we picked up the 20' trailer we ordered from Trailer Made through their local dealer, Alpine Tiny Homes.  We were a bit surprised to find that having a trailer custom made from just any trailer manufacturer was quite difficult.  It turns out, though, that there are a number of good manufacturers that custom make trailers specifically for Tiny Homes.  

Out of all the trailers we could choose from, we liked this model the best for a number of reasons.

  • The manufacturer is in Denver and often has orders coming to Utah.
  • The floor structure allows for effective insulation of the floor with minimal thermal bridging.
  • The floor structure also allows for plumbing and electrical to be easily run lengthwise if required.
  • The angle iron edges will allow us to insulate the corners under the walls, again minimizing thermal bridging..
  • This trailer has our preferred style of jacks.
  • The underbelly is already sheathed in galvanized steel.

We should be starting construction mid-December or early January.  Keep posted for more updates.

Stay warm,

The Nordic Team