Meet the Team

Here is a bit about the people who make Nordic Tiny Homes happen.


Founder - Christopher

Chris and his wife Jocelyn have two kids; Evelyn and Remington. With a strong background in construction, Chris built the house he and his family live in! Jocelyn loves how handy he is and is happy to see him home at the end of a long hard day.


Founder - Blake

Blake and his wife Amanda have twin boys, Jensen and Everett. Blake has studied Tiny Houses and Permaculture for many years. Having owned, maintained, and lived in one of Chris and his old apartment buildings, Blake is no stranger to the world of small spaces.  

Head Builder -Josh

Joshua and Makenna are newlywed nerds, and proud of it. Josh is studying construction management at BYU-I and has worked construction for years. He is a fast and effective builder with a keen interest in sustainability and efficient building concepts.