Tiny House Movement

Our paths first crossed with tiny houses around the time when Kirsten Dirksen (YouTube) published her documentary, "We the Tiny House People."  In the movie she spotlights Jay Shafer, a "poster child" of the Tiny House Movement, and original owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  

This page was put together for the city of Lindon Utah for a Tiny House Hotel Project we are working on.  It contains some of the background information and refferences they may find useful.

This page we put together for San Juan County Colorado, previously for the same purpose when the project was going to be in Colorado.

Building Science Corporation is a great resource for anyone hungry for new and proven ideas in the science of building.

Building Science

Off Grid

Handy Bob's Blog about off-grid solar is a must read if you want to use and understand solar power.

Perma- Culture

Search for Geoff Lawton on Youtube for a bunch of great videos about permaculture.

If you like gardening, but haven't seen the film "Back To Eden," then your next two hours are planned.  And when that isn't enough, watch the YouTube Chanel from L2Survive; "Full Back To Eden Garden Tours With Paul Gautschi."