All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Nordic Tiny Homes are built for extreme climates and full-time living.  We achieve a high level of performance by learning from clever and creative building scientists who have been at this game their entire lives.  Along with the Building Science Corporation, one of our many resources, we are firm believers in "energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within the constraints of marketable and affordable building technology."


Our Mission

We want our tiny homes to be the best around.  We are mastering proven and simple methods for building efficient and long lasting structures.  Our homes will out perform any traditional home because we are putting the effort into learning from the best.

What if I told you I could build you a house that would last 500 years... with standard materials and standard processes, but in a different way, that’s going to help it last for generations to come.
— Matt Risinger, 500 Year Home - YouTube

What We've Achieved

Our first design has been a huge success in incorporating the innovations we have acquired so far.

  • We are using a unique trailer frame as the floor structure, adding to our interior height, yet still eliminating some of the thermal bridging problems.
  • The building envelope will be as airtight as most high-performance houses, while not adding much to the cost.  
  • We have simplified and opened up our first design so that building is fast and easy, and the interior is highly customizable, if not roomy.
  • The kitchen will be intensely functional, but will also have the potential for increased function from easy upgrades.
  • The systems will be perfect for fully on-grid applications, while much thought and provisions are made for potential upgrades for off-grid use.
  • Looks are not sacrificed in our relentless efforts toward efficient materials and design.